What is GSM

If your confused when trying to compare towels, your not alone. GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter and is the best way to compare "apples with apples". 

Why is GSM necessary ? It's necessary when comparing two items such as towel that may not have the same size. One towel for instance may be 71cm x 152cm whereas the other may be 76cm x 137cm.

Simply weighing them may be misleading so determining the Grams of cotton per Square Meter (GSM) is the best way to determine the better of the two towels.This gives us a true "apples to apples" comparison.

300-400 GSM
These towels are both lighter and thinner and would typically be used in a kitchen, gym, beach or on bulk orders for promotional items. The benefits of this range is their quick drying ability because of its light weight.

400-600 GSM
This medium weight is perfect for beach towels, bath towels and guest towels. As you progress up the scale 400, 500, 600 the towel gets a little heavier and a little more absorbent. Our Caress Brand falls in the mid 400's, whereas our Super Caress Brand range in the 500's.

600-900 GSM
This is a premium, luxury weight and the towels are more absorbent, denser and heavier. This towel will give you the best performance soaking up lots of water leaving you completely dry and our Premium Caress Brand towels range in the mid 600's.